Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update and some news

The Wollmeise scarf is almost done. So close to the end now I am not going to post wip pics. I should have it done by the time I go to work tonight.
The Rocky Mnt log cabin goes on. I am bored to death with it right now. Pictures when the block otn is done.

and now to the news. I am working on a special project for Jessie over at PhatFiber (link in sidebar). No spoilers just yet but I am really excited. I will be dyeing a new colorway that will only be available from PhatFiber. I was thrilled when she asked me to do it. BunkyBobo's may just take off this year!(fingers crossed)
speaking of BunkyBobo's, I am not going to list anymore BunkyGirl Lip balm. I am going to keep making it and sending a free balm with all orders. There are so many lip balms on Etsy and mine just get lost in the crowd. I love the stuff though and my customers like finding a little something extra in their package.

In politics: I was thrilled to see President Obama sign an order to close Gitmo. I have long felt that this was a stain on our country. I am glad to see it go.


Mo said...

I love your lip balm! It is so smooth and soft!

Jessie said...

I love it too.. I think it will be an extra special treat to get with the yarn!