Friday, January 09, 2009

Just can't keep my mouth shut

I just wouldn't be me if I didn't comment on whats going on in the world lately.

The governor of my home state, the great state of Illinois is a schmuck and needs to go. Selling the Senate seat aside the schmuck withheld funds from a children hospital until he get campaign money from members of its board. What an ass. he needs to go.

I really hope the press is done following the Obama kids around. Poor things, it has got to be hard enough for them without 800 cameras in their face everywhere they go. Leave them alone!

Larry Flint wants a government bailout for the pron industry. Em really? I think the Internet has hurt porn more than the bad economy. Why pay for something you can get for free?

The congress needs to work together and get the country moving and spending again. I don't understand why some folks there don't want to spend money on building new roads and such. Don't we need those?

Sarah Palin needs to shut up! It is not Katie Courics fault she looked like an ass in her interviews. Maybe if she were smarter (or came across as smarter) I would feel sorry for her. And it is not wrong for the media to report things that are true. Your daughter is a high school dropout and so is her boyfriend. I don't mean this as an insult, its the truth.

Dick Chenny is a creep and I will be happy to see him as far from the seat of power as he can get. You helped get us into a war we have no business fighting Mr VP. I for one think you should pay for that. Oh and just because you say everything you did as VP was legal does not make it so.

This new war in Gaza is a mess. We westerners need to understand that this has been going on for hundreds of years. I just don't think I will ever see peace there. Both sides have a very good point but religion is the problem here. If we all just believed what the druids believed. Namely that all Gods are one God the world would be a better place.

11 days from now GWB will be out of office. I for one hope he fades from public life and I never have to see him again. I am afraid if I ever did meet him face to face all I would be able to do is spit in his eye.

Felt good to get all that off my chest. I promise my next post will be all about the knitting.

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Julie said...

That's a pretty succinct summary. Well put. I think you hit the high points. I think everyone in the US is going to be drinking champagne on inaguration day (except for a few zealot neocons). Cheers!