Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I have been in a bit of a funk since the new year started. I am still knitting away on my Gansey socks and working on squares for a blanket. The blanket is made from my sock yarn leftovers so that is a long term project. i figure socks will wear out at some point so the blanket will serve as a reminder of beautiful yarns long since gone. I just have not really felt like knitting anything but socks lately. I'm sure I will snap out of it soon enough.
Bunky went back to school today. She was not really happy about getting up early this morning. I am sure she will be happy to see her friends again. No one called her over the Holidays and her calls went unanswered. Now that break is over I am sure things will pick up again. Monkey Boy is happy to have Mom to himself again.

In other news: Future, a wonderful Yellow Lab who was my Mom first Guide dog passed away yesterday. She had been GAL's dog since she retired from guide work a few years ago. It was her time. She was over 100 (in dog years of course) and had a very full life. She was much loved by all of us and will be missed. Mom got Future right after I got married and I will be forever greatful. She was a good friend to Mom and GAL. I remember when Bunky was a baby Future would sit at the top of the stairs so the little one could not tumble down them. She seemed to understand Bunky was a baby and made it her mission to check out every person who came to the house before letting them near the baby. She was also fond of licking Bunky's toes. Bunky loved this. I will miss her. I am sure Moms current guide Jan will miss her buddy. We all love Jan just as much as Future, But Future will always be special as she was Moms first guide. Just knowing Mom has Jan with her all the time makes me feel better. In honor of Future here are a few tidbits to remember if you ever encounter a guide dog.
It is important not to pet a guide when they are working. Most of the time they will not really respond to you because they are working. If you would like to pet always ask the person first. Remember the guide has a job to do and can't do it if they are distracted.
Most guide dog owners are happy to answer questions about their guide. Mom loves to tell people about Jan.
Never offer a guide dog a treat or people food. They are on a strict diet.
A guide dog can go anywhere you can go, on a plane, in a store anywhere. The Americans with Disabilities Act allows for this.
One more thing. If you go out to eat with a guide dog in tow you will likely receive wonderful service. Nothing like a big friendly dog to make the wait staff extra attentive.

Goodbye Future, you will be missed by many. We love you.

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