Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I want that!!!

anyone else have kids who get this? You know Mommy I WANT THAT and that and that and that!!!!!! My kids do, It seems that Easter has become the mini Christmas. I was told I am to give gifts. "You know Mom...the Easter bunny is like Santa, he brings us stuff." Great, let me tall ya this kid does not play with the stuff she has and yet she want more. What she does not need is more crap... but most of the stuff she wants is crap ah well this too shall pass...
On the other hand the girl child(Yep, same one) left the following note in my pocket today." I love mommy and mommy loves me" Gotta love that kid...

In the spirit of I want that and seeing how my b-day is soon and Aunt Lynn and Mom always start asking this time of year. here is my I want that list

1 the EZ book The Opinionated Knitter. I very much want to knit the Baby Surprise Sweater. A friend just told me she is having a baby!

2 A nice hand painted sock yarn to knit said sweater. I have seen some pics of the most beautiful sweaters like this.

3 A niddy noddy..... I am tired of skeining yarn for dyeing over my arm or the chair. for that matter I could use a ball winder...swift maybe...

4 A book on sock knitting or some sock patterns. I cast to double points and knit a little bag the other day. I feel like I might just be able to do this hand knit sock thing.

5 A European vacation...hey a girl can dream right?

6 To quote Danny Kaye in White Christmas " 45 minutes all to myself"


Anonymous said...

Your 45 minutes alone quote is funny on 3 counts:
1. It is just plan funny wanting 45 minutes to yoursef, I can relate.

2. Funny, ironic, in that White Christmas is one of my favorite movies. My sister and I love singing "Sisters, Sister there were never such devoted sisters..."
and yet I don't know that quote! Now I'm banging my head against the wall, I guess I will have to watch it tonight!!!

3. Funny, ironic, because just last night, my husband owed me one. He works from home on Wednesdays so, I said "how about you take the kids out for 1 hour tomorrow" Which is where they are right now!

take care,
your SP 10

Sandy said...

Danny tell Bing that if he has 9 kids and only spends 5 minutes a day with each, then "At least I'd have time for a massage or something". I love this movie too. I also love Hoilday Inn and well anything with Fred that man can really move! Our hostest did a great job on the match ups.