Sunday, March 11, 2007

update to last post and new wip

Well the pretty blue and green yarn turned a lovely shade of kelly green. the colors ran together. I thought they might. well learned something there. I also used too much dye. It did however dye nice and evenly throughout the skein. Ah well live and learn.

In other knitting news... I knit my very first cables last night!!! well ok I had done cables on my loom, but this was the first on the sticks. And I thought it was going to be hard. I cast on for the Irish Hiking Scarf from Hello Yarns.(in Paton's classic merino Red) I have always loved cables and feared them as advanced knitting but no more! Yeah me! I am knitting this project for me. Yep that's right I am keeping this one. now I just have to knit 5 more feet...
No knitting photo today. So here is Winston our dog. Husband and I call him our furry middle child as we got him between children. Our boy is loyal, loving, and even helps watch the kids. Mixed breed we believe is Aussie shepherd and Burmese Mountain dog. he is about a 100lbs. Winston likes to sit with me when I knit (if the kids are in bed) We love him

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