Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sweet Home Chicago

Road trip anyone?
We are going to visit the relations, of which there are many. I can't wait. Portillos here we come! WE will be taking the MKs downtown for the first time. They think we live in a big city but they have no idea... I can hardly when I return...

update to yesterdays feature Why people suck... turns out there is a cell phone in little guys name and ssn... These people SUCK! irs says 6-8 weeks to fix it...

as to knitting... the scarf goes on...the hat was frogged due to gauge issues. it is a good idea, wrong needle
I started a new project, wait for it...a sock! yup knitting a sock. I have a few more rows on the heel flap and then I turn it. I am using Quicksilver needles and I don't like them much. The yarn sticks to them. The heel flap has sucked so far.... It is a free pattern from Loin Brand yarn. i picked it cuz it is pretty plain and I wanted something easy for my first try. I got really nice yarn so I would finish the thing. I will take it with me and show you when I get back...

The MKs are sitting and watching cartoons like nice little monsters... I wonder how long it will last. They played nice for an hour last night while hubby and I made plans to redo the basement. It will be a DIY home theatre.
Maybe the they will behave for 7 hours in the car tomorrow...I am pretty sure I am deluding myself there.
Stay tuned for a new feature. DIY with the MKs in tow, should provide a few laughs.

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Anonymous said...

What "really nice yarn" are you using for your first socks? I can't wait to see them.

SP 10