Sunday, March 25, 2007


Well we are having another round of great spring weather, as I type I can hear the birds returning to the yard and see the first buds on the trees. The kids are so ready to be outside. At 6:30 am MG wanted to ride her bike... I told her that 6:30am was too early to get up on Sunday and to go back to bed. She did and got back up at 7:15. Ah well, I keep telling myself that there will come a day when I can't get her out of bed let alone out of the house on a beautiful day...So it is all good, our house backs the park and I can sit and knit on the porch and watch the kids play...
As to my knitting... The Irish Hiking Scarf goes on slowly... and the hand dyed creature grows as well. It will appear when finished as I still have no idea what it is yet.

I dyed another batch of yarn yesterday. It came out just as I had hoped. I was really pleased. I designed this one with my sil in mind. It is still drying as it rained all day yesterday so no pics yet. I think I will combine it with a solid for a something. I made her a scarf for her last birthday that is soft and fuzzy, I want this to be something sort of warm she can wear in the fall. Her birthday is months away yet so I still have time to find the right pattern.

I have also started yet another project. I am not using a pattern just making it up as I go, it is my take on a stocking cap. I'll show you when I have more than 10 rows of ss.

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