Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Dot Bag and The Dye Job

So here is the felted bag from the last post.

Overall I am pretty happy with the result. I do not like the handle monster girl picked out. It is tortoise shell like and just does not look right. MG still really wants it but Mommy will resist. I may have to knit one if I can't find one I like.

The other photo is my first try at dyeing yarn. I used some left over Paton's classic merino and Kool Aid Top left is 1 pkg grape, top right is 3 pkg grape (walmart brand),Middle left is 1 pkg orange, middle right is 1 pkg tropical punch, the bottom is 1 pkg orange and 1 tropical punch. I wrapped that yarn really tight then put it in so there is lots of white left. I think this one will get an over dye. There is only a little bit of each color, so i think I will knit up a little creature...

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