Sunday, August 31, 2008

Me time

With the MK's and Hubby gone most of the weekend I have had a bit of me time on my hands. I managed to finish a sock and start the 2nd, make 50 pots of lip balm and watch 3 movies. The family is due back this afternoon. I enjoy the Me time but after a day or so I start to wonder what to do with myself. Winston seems to be out of sorts with the kids gone. He spent most of yesterday on MG's bed wondering where she was. Poor guy.

I feel the need to say something about John McCain's choice of VP. You will remember I was/am a Hillary person. I wanted to vote for her because of her policy not her gender. I find it insulting that the GOP pundits think that HRC voters will vote for them because of this woman. Palins policy views could not be further from HRC's. She is pro life,pro gun, pro drilling, and thinks we should teach creationism in schools rather than science. I can not see how any of these facts would draw HRC voters. Come on GOP. Do you think I am that dumb? Do you think I will vote for one of my own gender just because we are both women? Yes I want to see a woman in the white house but not just any woman. The right woman.

I want my little girl to grow up knowing that she can be anything she wants and will be treated the same as any man. I feel that we have a chance to make a better America for our children. Obama and Biden will fight for us. For health care, for education, for green energy, for American jobs and for Peace. I really feel Obama has a chance to restore Americas place in the world. I want to live in the America Obama talked about last week in Denver. I want to run screaming from the America McCain offers. He won't even promise to take care of the Veterans who serve our country bravely and without question. If McCain won't even take care of his own comrades in arms who will he fight for? Big oil and the rich? Sorry Mr McCain, not good enough. Not even close.