Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Here is a shot from the shores of Lake Granby from our last trip to the Rockies. I just love this picture.

Anyway, I am mostly gift knitting right now and can not post pictures of most of what is otn. I am knitting a new poncho for MG for school. She has gotten a bit taller this year. I have seen a lot of knit ponchos in the kid ads this year. Funny how some things just keep coming back. Pictures of that soon. I hope to finish it during the women's gymnastic team event tonight.

Speaking of the Olympics. Have you been watching? Did you see the opening? Lighting design has come a loooong way. That 500' LED floor screen was unreal. I know a bit about how that stuff is made and how it is controlled. The lighting on the whole was fantastic. What drew me to theatrical lighting was the fact that I can paint with light. I can create a time and place from nothing. I have been playing with this idea in my yarns lately.

Which brings me to the shop. I am going to put all the Hitchhikers Guide colorways on sale for 15% off starting tomorrow morning. I am going to edit all the prices today to make it easy on myself. I will post a link when the sale starts. Also new any order of $50.00 gets free shipping.

And now my time is up. I need to get the kids out for a bit.

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loopykd said...

I love that picture too! It's well composed and a beautiful spot!