Saturday, September 06, 2008

Gift Knitting

Here is MB showing off a shawl I knit. Not going to give too many details as this is a gift for someone who reads this blog but I just could not resist posting this picture. I got the yarn at the Estes wool market. It is from Plain & Fancy Sheep Co and is only for sale at fiber festivals. I wish I had bought more. I loved knitting this. I may have to knit one for myself.

In other news: So far the day care is going pretty well DCG and DCB (day care boy and day care girl) are really nice kids and seem to enjoy playing with the MK's. DCG and MG have become fast friends. MG spent the night at her house last night. It is nice for her to have a friend she gets to spend so much time with. MG is starting to learn that girls can be really mean to each other. One little girl in her class that she was friends with last year likes to try to get MG in trouble with the teacher. Mrs. W is wise to the ways of 2nd grade girls so MG is not in trouble but did have to change seats. There was also a boy in the other 2nd grade class kicked out of school this week because he started a fire in the boys restroom. Nice eh?