Thursday, September 11, 2008

September, 11

As a kid I remember grown ups telling me they remember where they were and what they were doing when they found out JFK had been killed. I have had my share of these moments in my life. September,11,2001 is one of those days. I left work early that day, worried that buildings in my hometown of Chicago would be next. I also remember thinking we would get Bin Laden for sure this time. I remember thinking that the day was a game changer, never would life in America be the same.but I had no idea the cost to our society would be so high. I had no idea that civil liberties and basic human rights would be thrown out. I had no idea people would use the memory of that day to try to make us live in fear.
I hope today we all remember the fallen, and the brave Men and Women who answered the call. Let it be a day of remembrance not a day of fear. Let us remember that we all came together that day as one people, united to say we will not live in fear, we will not change the things we believe in, We will not change who we are. We are all Americans. We are all citizens of the world.

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lauriec said...

I read about the 1st plane hitting the WTC online, 30 min later I found out about the 2nd plane while leaving the chiropractor's office. I was driving in downtown Boston when they announced the towers had collapsed (I'll NEVER forget the announcer using the words "mushroom cloud") & as I was driving home they were evacuating the Financial district.

There was a sense of fear in the city due to 2 of hte planes leaving from Logan Airport.

I lost a college classmate & a friend's cousin in the Towers. A friend of my ex-husband's survived b/c he was out of his office that day.