Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh Yeah and some knitting.

Look! finished socks. I love them. I got the fit just right this time, they don't slip and bunch up in my boots. The yarn is the Frogs in a Blender colorway from Dyeabolical Yarns. (rav link) Her shop is closed right now but she will be back soon. I love her stuff.
I am now working on Dad's socks. Half way through the foot of sock #1. The STR Medium knits up so fast. I really hope he will wear them. Mom they are superwash but I would hand wash them if I were you. click on the link to see the color. I can't say enough good things about this yarn. I love it. Makes nice thick,warm socks.
Also cast on this week is the February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wayne The pattern is wonderful and I love the look of the sweater but I am bored with it. Half way through the yoke I put it down. Once I get through the yoke and on to the lace it should keep me awake. I am using the Yarn Mom gave me. I have knit and frogged this yarn twice now so this is it. I will post a picture when it looks like something.

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bockstark.knits said...

oooh, very nice! i haven't tried dyeabolical's yarns/roving yet. one day! STR medium is really great, it is nice and thick and knits up so fast! :)