Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Bunch of random stuff today.

I am almost done with the shop update. I need a few more pictures and we have a thick fog here today.

I have a bunch of new colorways and a new bunch of fabrics to destash. These are mostly vintage wools from the old costume shop. Really nice stuff. I also got a swap package in the mail. I need to get pictures of it. Thanks Allison! Happy Fall.
Here is Monster Boy with the Estes Scarf. He's a Knight! He loves to play with the helmet. It's huge on him. Think he can take the Black Knight?
As for the scarf. I wear it all the time. It goes with everything and isn't too heavy. Perfect for fall. It has also grown about 6" in length.
Knitting wise I finished my brothers Christmas gift. One more checked off the list. I am almost finished with the FIB socks. When those are done Dad's socks are next. I'm using Socks That Rock in one of the Raven colors. Yeah! I need a non sock project for tv watching. I am thinking about a blanket for Jenny who is getting married around Christmas. This would mean buying yarn, but I know Jenny would really treasure something like that. Hmm have to think on that one. I want a soft washable wool. Right now I am thinking about some kind of square with the date and names knitted around the edge, then a nice border.
Oh in case you didn't notice I changed my name of Ravelry to Bunkybobo to make it easier to find me and my yarns.

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