Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby its cold outside!

Man its cold here. -5f when I got up this morning. I don't even want to see the heating bill! Bunky is on winter break for the next two weeks. I hope this does not mean 2 weeks of fighting with her brother. Monkey boy keeps talking about "when I go to school" I am glad he is looking forward to it.

An old friend asked for some fingerless mitts for her 2 girls. I have one pair done. The other will have to wait for after christmas. Half way through the foot of Ribbon Candy #2. I adore them.

I was looking back at the knitting goals from last year. I did not knit myself a sweater. I did knit 10 pairs of socks, 6 scarves, 6 cowls, 2 blankets, and I don't remember how many hats this year I think I did ok.

What do I want to knit in 2009? Well more socks for sure. I love knitting socks. I take them everywhere.

At least one blanket. A cozy knit blanket would be perfect for MIL and the LtCol. It would be for the condo so I would get to enjoy it too. I have a few ideas.

A 2nd blanket for my folks. It gets darn cold in Chicago this time of year. These would both be Christmas gifts next year. I like to plan ahead.

Fair Isle hats. I love these. Everyone who sees Hubbys pirate hat wants one. I have been collecting wool for these all year. I have lots of patterns picked out for these. I like to get a bunch done.

Not a huge list and lots of room for add ons. Just the way I like it.

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Jessie said...

I admire your planning... I tend to say "oooh pretty yarn" buy and then try and figure out what to knit with it.