Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Update

I have been so busy playing with the kids the last few days I have not done much else. I have picked up My Green Gansey socks again. I really like this project. The yarn and pattern work so well together, I hope to have sock #1 done soon.

I got some really soft wool/bamboo yarn from My mom for Christmas. I cast on a stripe scarf. This is not the 1x1 rib all of blogland has been knitting. This one is wider and knit in the round like the Harry Potter year 1 scarves. The first of 2009s Christmas knits. Told you I like to plan ahead.

In family news: Bunky can almost always be found writing or drawing in one of her many notebooks. She got a password journal from her Daddy. MB likes to try to see what she has inside, every time he does a little alarm goes off to tell her he is at it again. She is really growing up. MB on the other hand has kept me busy playing Gorilla Island, Hungry Hippos and Lego Indiana Jones. He kicks my butt on the video games. I only beat him when we play Hold 'em

Hubby seems well pleased with his gifts too. I have to pry the hand knit socks off him for washing. I have yarn in stash for his next pair. I have seen him using his guitar tuning thingiee. He also got 2 new Rachel Ray cookbooks. (I found these on sale for about 80% off. What a deal!) He loves RR so those should see some use too.

In case you are wondering, Hubby got me the UK version of The Tales of Beedle the Bard . He also got me a gift card for The Loopy Ewe.

I was a very mellow Holiday for us. The kids and Hubby went to a movie, While I got 2 hours of peace to cook dinner. Just us this year. It was wonderful.

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