Thursday, December 18, 2008

I was done...

So last night Hubby asked me if I had any knit hats he could give to his co workers. "no" says I
"Well can't you just whip some up?" Says he.
"I guess I could if I have the right yarn what color do you want?" I ask
"I don't know whatever I guess"
"What type of hat are we talking about here?
" I don't know"
"How many do you need?"
" Well at least two, maybe a dozen if you can do that..."
At this point I am wondering if He thinks I can just pull hand knits out of my butt.
"But I was done!" I lament "ok but next time could I have a little more warning?"
" Well scarves would be nice for next year..."
Smart Ass
Guess what I am doing today?

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Jessie said...

OMG 12 Hats?!?