Saturday, December 20, 2008


I got Hubby's 2 hats done on Friday. They were a big hit. I had told him 12 was out of the question but 2 I could do. I forgot to get a photo before wrapping them up for him. I am working the heel of the 2nd Ribbon candy sock now. Should be done in time for Christmas morning.

We are getting more snow today. That is on top of the 2" of ice and snow from the night before. Yeah for a White Christmas! I like to have a little snow for Christmas. After that I want it to go away! For some reason Nebraska sucks at snow removal. You would think we would be better at it but no, the plows don't go out till it is done coming down. It takes them forever to get the side streets done. Come on people! It's not like this is our first time. We get snow every year! Did we not learn anything from last year?

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