Saturday, March 21, 2009


Will someone please explain to me why we are all moaning over 1% of the money the government has given AiG? I get that the bonus thing was a boneheaded move on their part but come on people! it is less than 1% of what we gave them! I would like to see what they have done with the other 180 billion dollars!

Yesterday the First Lady broke ground on a new garden for the White House. This garden will feed the Obama's and everyone else at the White House. How cool is that? I have to tell you I really do like her. I think in the end she will turn out to be as loved as Jackie O or Eleanor Roosevelt. She makes a great role model. It is interesting how we as a country love our First Ladies. No matter what their Husbands do. I wonder what will happen when we have a First... what First Man? First Husband? Just as long as we don't call him the First Dude.

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