Friday, March 13, 2009


Here is the other new base yarn I told you about. 75% superwash merino 25% nylon. I love this yarn for socks. It is still nice and soft but wears really well. I named it after Monkey Boy who is hard on his socks. This is the Punk Rock colorway. I love it. Looks so pretty re-skeined like this.
This is a new colorway. I think it will be The Eye. Fiery reds, golds and oranges. Kettle dyed.
I will be running a sale next week. More on that Monday.
As for life here at the Funhouse. Monkey Boy and I are working on writing our letters and getting ready for school. I have to wonder if things will go as smoothly for him as they did for Bunky. We will be going to Kindergarten Round Up in 2 weeks. They take the kids to the classroom and the parents are kept in the gym. I wonder how many weepers there will be this time. (I am talking about the Moms here. lol) When I took Bunky one woman sobbed loudly the whole time. Bunky did not get a spot at the focus school. We are bummed but I kind of thought this would be the outcome. With so few slots and so many students. You know kids, she has already moved on.

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