Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Ides of March

I always try to start planing Spring projects around the Ides of March. 5 Days to spring, it always seems to be the day I start to see the end of winter. The kids were out in the yarn today. They came in covered in mud. Toph has torn up the grass in a large part of our backyard. She loves to dig. Man its going to be a long spring of muddy paw prints around here.

In shop news: Monday I am going to put all the old yarns in the shop on sale. I post a link when I'm done with the listings.

In knitting news: I did in fact start a sock. Just a plain sock. I am done with the gusset. So I guess my no sock phase is over. Good thing too. My Wollmeise knee socks have a new hole in them and I need a new pair. Now that I can take the kids to the park with out turning into a Popsicle there will be lots of sitting in the sunshine knitting socks. I hope the city fixes the bench. The pack of teenage boys is now 14-15 and they like destroying things at our little park. Their parents don't really seem to care. I will have to keep a close eye on the kids this summer.

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PhatLady said...

All your new yarn looks absolutely dreamy!!
Thank goodness it is finally thawing out!