Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Update

So I have the body and one sleeve knit for my Knitting Olympics sweater. I feel good about it. Pretty sure I can finish on time. The whole family has really been enjoying these Olympics. The kids loved the snowboarding and skiing events. Hubby and I have learned all about Curling. NBC ran a great ad that featured the last USA mens curling team that made it sound pretty cool. As it turns out it is a really interesting game to watch even if teams USA are not doing well.
We had a nice visit this week with Mil and LtCol. Ltc skis so I learned a lot about that sport I did not know before. We all agree that in a way the winter games are more fun to watch. In almost every event the risk of really hurting yourself is so high. Very exciting!
On a knitting note: I have seen so many knit hats and scarves and mittens I would love to make during the games. Has anyone else noticed that pom poms on the top of ski hats are back? LtCol loves the team USA moose hat. I think I know what he is getting for his birthday. The USA women's snowboarding halfpipe team had a great hat too.(I also really loved their snowsuits! I want that plaid jacket).

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