Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Yarn and Tam

Above is the yarn I got for my EZ Fair Isle Yoke sweater. As you can see the color in the upper left is far too green. It will be replaced. I see many swatches in my future. Bunky's sweater is coming along. Nothing exciting to show yet. Below is the hat I knit for Hubby's castmate. The pattern is Tam of Rassilon. I understand this is a Dr Who thing. I have seen the old Dr Who but not the newer one so I couldn't tell ya. I did however enjoy knitting this. 2 nights tv knitting. Yarn is Cascade220. The red you see is the plate I blocked it over.

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Alcariel said...

Do you want to see the new Dr Who? I've got all the seasons if you want to borrow it.