Saturday, February 13, 2010

The torch is lit!

Just want to say a few things about last nights opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics. I loved it. I thought it was very well done even if a huge set piece broke at the end. I have been there. It sucks but they pulled it off really well I thought. The use of light and projection was stunning. Lighting design can make or break a show like this. Whoever did last nights show is a true artist. To paint with light and motion. Nicely done. Also does anyone else want to visit Canada now? What a beautiful country.
I have a feeling knitters all over are knitting the team USA hat and sweater. Me? I want those red mittens!

I worked on my sock most of the evening. Once the torch was lit I knit 3 rounds on the sweater and went to bed. I think I worked out the charts. I will have to add 4 st to the body to make it work out right. I hope I did all the math right.

In other news: Mil and LtCol are coming this week for a short visit. It will be great to see them. Its been too long. Also in the news: MB lost another tooth. He was very excited.

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Beth said...

I want to go to Canada too. I love how you described parts of the opening ceremonies "to paint with light and motion". It was gorgeous!