Thursday, February 04, 2010

sweater update

My plans to knit a fair isle yoke sweater have been put on hold. As soon as I finished the last sweater Bunky asked for one. "purple with hearts and stuff" I happened to have yarn in stash that fits the bill perfectly so I cast on a sleeve last night. The yoke will have hearts and peace signs. Peace and Love Baby! Peace and Love. I love that kid.

Also last week Mom asked me about a sweaters worth of yarn we have both had in our stash for a while. She would like a yoke sweater with white patterns. I'd knit anything for Mom so that is in the queue as well. So my plan for the Fair Isle yoke is to knit it in the fall. EZ's 100th Birthday is in August. Perfect time to start myself a new sweater. Anyone else want to knit an EZ sweater this fall?

As for other knitting: LtCols 2nd sick has a leg needs a heel,foot and toe. Dads blanket is on break time. I took a cue from my friend Lorena, I am knitting on it one weekend a month. This way I am not too sick of it and it still gets done.

In Shop news: I have a shipment of base yarn due in any day now. Watch for new colorways very soon. Any old colors you want to see again?

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