Saturday, May 05, 2007

Birthday recap

So I got to work on Friday to find that my friend Karen bought me a tiny birthday cake. It was just enough for me and my 2 girlfriends to share after lunch Yummy. She is such a sweetheart.I had knit her a bag when she got her 1 year chip, she uses it for her books and notes for her meetings. one of the gals liked it so much my friend asked me to make one for her. This will be the first time I have knit a commission. Does that make me a professional knitter? Not! I wish!

So back to the b-day recap... Hubby and the MK's took me to a great new pizza place for dinner. the pizza was almost as good as we got in Chicago, nothing compares to Chicago style pizza but it was as close as I have ever had here in the Heartland. Then when we got home...Presents! I got the new J R R Tolkien book from MB, new running shoes from MG and Hubby got me new pots and pans to go with the new dishes I got for Christmas. The new pans are red (of course) much like the ones I got my folks last year. My MIL sent me some $$ So I will be going to the LYS. I have no idea what I am after there I am just going to spend my b-day $$ on guilt free yarn!!!! I know there are a few cards still in the mail. So all in all not a bad day...
We are getting yet more rain. Hubby can barely keep up with the grass. I do hope it stops soon.
My scenery warehouse is so humid all my soft goods are damp, Let me tell ya... that is bad news!
I only knit 2 rows last night, Bill Marr was on and he is just too funny.
gotta go I hear banging...

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