Thursday, May 03, 2007

Me and EZ

So I have not knit on my socks this week at all. Instead I have been working on EZ's Rib warmer. It is knit in all garter stitch and coming along nicely. I am knitting it a bit smaller that EZ calls for but that is what I wanted. I am a pretty small person so it should fit me. If it does not then MG gets a new vest. I am loving the pattern. I had never knit a corner like this before so that counts as a new skill even if it is all knit stitch. I am almost done with the first half, not too bad for 3 hours knitting.
I am hoping to have this done before we go to the Rockies as it is still pretty chilly up there in June.
In other news: I will be 35 tomorrow. Yikes. I was told by a 24 year old guy that I am not old just not young. In his mind if you are over 30 you can not be called young. To this I say Bullshit!! I told him I will be calling him on his 30th to remind him his youth is over! Someone should explain to the young man that you never tell a woman she is not young. no wonder he is single. hehehe I guess I should have pointed out that men reach their prime in their early 20 while us girls don't reach our prime until well into our 30's.
I will celebrate my big day with Hubby and the MK's (after working all day) more than likely just dinner and a DVD at home... I may go out Saturday night to play some poker. Last year on my birthday I won $120.00! wish me luck... If I do well there will be a yarn buying trip in my near future...
So to all who share my birthday I wish you a good one and many more in the future. if you are reading this drop me a line

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