Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sock,life,and oh yeah a little smoke...

here is sock #1. I started #2 yesterday. I hope to have these done before I go to NYC so I can Start new ones. I think I will take my bamboo needles from SP10 on the plane. The Knit Picks ones I have are metal and very pointy. Don't know if they will get on the plane. I think I could do some damage with those babies! I have not tried the bamboo ones yet but have read many good reviews and I don't think my pal would steer me wrong.
In other yarn news. I dyed some yarn for my SP10 spoliee. So far she seem to really like the hand dyes. I finished up a skein of super wash sock yarn for her that I am really proud of. I had some trial and error but this one came out beautifully. I won't be sending it out for a while yet so you will have to wait and see it later.
I also did some pink yarn for a hat for MG. I rinsed the thing 12 times and it still turned hands and needle pink. Ahhhhh!!!. Not sure what to do about that... it is in the mistake bin for now... maybe a blue over dye?
In life news our furry middle child turned the stove on while we were out today. he wanted to lick the bowl on the counter so he climbed over the table and moved things around turning the knob. We came home to the smell of melting plastic bowl. All is well, we just have to keep the chairs pushed in when we leave. He got quite the talking to. MG did just what she was told...she and MB went into the back yard and stayed put while Hubby and I opened up the house. Never fear all is well. The only casualty was a plastic bowl...
We will all go to SD next Sunday and Hubby and I will return Monday afternoon. The kids will stay with MIL and the SD clan. Then the next week I go to NYC for a dealer training at NYU.
I hope to buy some yarn when I an in NYC. Anyone know any good yarn shops in the Chelsea Greenwich village area? I will have all of Sunday afternoon free as well as the evenings. Yeah I love NYC. I will have to take the knitting out on the town.

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SP10 said...

Hi, are these the Koigu socks? They look great!