Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This knitting thing ain't so hard

So here is the Rib Warmer. I am very pleased with the way it came out. It is comfy and fits well. not bad for my first garment. The pattern is so easy to follow and the sewing up bit did not take long. I didn't really block it. the garter stitch takes care of itself. I would make it again. EZ's pattern calls for 4 sts to the inch. mine is 5. I think I would go up a needle size or 2(I used an 8) to knit this for someone else. it is a little short. I plan on wearing it in the Rockies later this summer. should be the perfect thing for june.
In answer to some questions from my SP10:
I do play poker. Mostly at home online for no $$. I go out to play very rarely (I have not been in about 10 months) and only for small stakes. I would say I'm pretty good but it takes a lot of luck!
I don't want to say what I sent Mom cuz I haven't got it in the mail yet and she reads this. I will say I posted it very early in the life of this blog and it is long and wool. hehehe.
Also I have knit 2 baby bibs from MDK. I will post them later. oh and your dish rag is now gracing my desk at the office. It is doing its job rather well under my soda and tea mug. I have had co workers ask me if I knit it and when I tell them my SP10 made it for me they think I am a little crazy. silly muggles. I just wanted you to know that I will use what you sent me everyday. thanks! btw blue and white were my university colors. Go Sycamores!


SP10 said...

This looks gorgeous! A friend of mine just showed me the bib she knitted from MDK, I so want to make one. I'm glad you are getting use out of the dishcloth. My sister thinks I'm a little nuts for doing SP10 too, she says I'm desperate! She doesn't blog, so she just can't understand.

Sandy said...

silly muggles!