Saturday, May 26, 2007

How smart is this?

I did this yarn up a week ago and did not want to wind it back up. It is 440 yards of super wash sock yarn. So when Hubby and I were at Home Depot I bought a piece of 3/4" PVC pipe and 2 t fittings (total cost about $3.25). I had to buy the whole 10' piece of pipe so I cut it up and stuck the pieces together. The whole thing sort of reminds me of tinker toys. I did not glue it together so when the yarn is wound around it I just pull off one of the arm to release the skein. If I want a longer skein I just use a longer piece in the middle. The yarn by the way is not as ugly as this picture makes it look. It is raining again. I can't get any good color shots.
In other news. I have the place to myself until hubby gets home from work. The MIL took the MK's yesterday to SD and we will go later tonight. Mil spent all day Thursday cleaning my house. it sparkles, don't ask me why but she loves doing it. She even asked me if she could, who am I to say no. I have tried fighting her on this before and I never win so I told her not to wash any of the hand knitting and have at it!
I gifted the baby bibs as well as a wee little wool beanie to my friend from work. her baby is due in November, but she is moving 100 miles away so I wanted to give it before she left. I did not get pics of them first, sorry.... I also gave her a Mom bag with bubble bath and a knit wash cloth. I added a tab and a button to hang it with. I stole this idea from the bib pattern, I just knit one strap and put the button at the bottom of the strap, I really should have taken a picture...

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SP10 said...

Very cleaver PVC device, I'm impressed. Hey, my MIL cleans my house sometimes too. I love when she does that. Have fun in SD!