Monday, April 30, 2007

SP10 strikes again!

I got home today to find my Secret pal sent me a box! Yeah and still 3 days till my birthday! Inside was this book of sock patterns (20 in all) all of the patterns were made from hand spun yarns. Very nice, in fact I think my spoilee might like this book as well. I will have to see if I can locate her one. is that cheating? I think I might try one of the patterns in the yarn my pal sent me. There was also a bag of Trader Jacks Apple Chips. Take my word for it they are yummy. Thank You Secret Pal. you made my day.

In other news... I am going to New York City! The boss is sending me to a dealer training for 3 days in June. I should have some time for a yarn buying adventure.

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SP10 said...

I'm glad you like the sock book. Even though it does feature the hand spun yarns, my friend said that she has successfully substituted other yarns. No, it's not cheating to send it to your spoilee!