Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two More FO's

So here is the babysitters bag and the Purple urple. They came out just as I hoped. A small drawstring gift bag. Each will be filled with goodies and given this week. The purple is really purple not blue as the photo shows.
I really like the Redwood one. you can't tell from the photos but the colors spiral around the bag changing as they go. both are sock yarn and very soft.
The spa goodies are all ready inside!
I think I may have to knit a few more of these...

I cast on for hubbys We call em Pirates hat. not sure of the gauge yet... we shall see. I love color work projects so this will be fun. the plan is to finish the sock tomorrow and then start the campfire socks.

Note to family. The MK's and I will update their page this weekend


Anonymous said...

Four - now that's alot of FOs! On those gift bags, you definitely should write down the pattern.

On the hat and neck warmer - no pattern and they fit, impressive.


Karen said...


I just wanted to let you know your bags are lovely. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift.