Saturday, April 21, 2007

One sock Two Sock

So here is the teal sock. The directions I used to graft the toe did not work out well. gonna have to see if I can find some pictures to see where I went wrong. I did it last night while the MK's were running around. Silly Mommy, never try to learn a new skill while the MK's are awake!. On the right we have my new sock. this is the super wash yarn I dyed last weekend. See the stripes? I meant to do that. I need a name for the color, it sort of reminds me of where I grew up. We had 2 big pine trees in the backyard and a big Oak(I think) in the front. I am not crazy about the flecks of white but maybe it will grow on me. I was going to knit the Campfire socks pattern but I did not have the right dpn's so I am knitting the same sock as before. Should have the toe thing figured out by the time I get to it, If I don't I 'll go to the LYS. there is a very nice lady there that can knit anything.

In other knitting news, Hubbys hat has been frogged, let us not speak of it...

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Anonymous said...

Your sock looks great!