Sunday, April 15, 2007

So the MK's are with the mil till noon today. they have been gone since Friday night so here is what I did this weekend: I slept until my body decided all but it self it was time to get up! I don't do that very often so this was a treat. 8:30 2 days in a row. Hubby had to work Saturday so:

I did this (and I knit many inches on the purple urple bag. only 2" to go before I decrease for the bottom.)

The color in the pic is close. the green is a little darker, more like trees in the late summer. I ran out of the string I tie skeins with so I used some cotton yarn. Won't do that again, I ended up with some Tie dyed spots. I did this one for me. I have a sock pattern in mind for it. If memory serves the pattern is called campfire socks. I am thinking these will be my next socks. The yarn is from KnitPicks. it is superwash wool so I can wash the socks! The price is right too $5.99 for the yarn and about $1.00 worth of dye and vinegar. add that to a free pattern and I've got me a $6.99 pair of hand knit socks! now I just have to knit them.

in other knitting news The hand dye neck warmer is done and a matching hat is close. I do hope the giftee likes them. I will have to wait a while to find out as they will not be sent till Christmas. Yeah one down.

The sock is almost done. a few more decrease rows and I will have to graft the toe. I did find instructions so we will see. I have to get the purple bag done because my friend is moving in 2 weeks. only 2 hours away and all but she is leaving the company, a little going away gift is always good.

The Irish Hiking Scarf goes on here and there. I have quite a while before I will need it.

In other weekend activites, Hubby and I went out to dinner and had nice alone time at home. a very nice time indeed...

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like a great weekend - I'm impressed you were not preparing taxes. "Trees in the late summer" what a description!...I do so like the way this yarn turned out and for $6.99 - Wow!

I always like to graft toes of sock - you'll use the Kitchener Stitch right? It's fun and simple as long as you're interrupted.

Is the purple urple bag for your friend, the bag that is your own design?