Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Note to self and what is coming

So I am going to send my famous mint toffee cookies in to the Mrs Fields cookie contest. I have it all written up and I will test bake this weekend with MG. I will need a test baker to make sure I got it right so Mom and Lynn watch your email.

On the draw string bag... both of my readers have said I should write up the pattern. I have done it and will post it when the MK's are sleeping.

and to my SP10 thanks for reading and commenting. I am new to blogging and it cheers me up to know there is someone out there:) I am also having a great time being a SP. my upstream pal is really fun to spoil.

Oh I got the books I ordered 4 weeks ago. 3 by Elizabeth Zimmermen. More on EZ later... I love her. I feel like a real knitter now.

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SP10 said...

After reading your post I went to Wikipedia to read more about EZ. I've heard of her books, but I do not own any of them. So, did you get the book with the Baby Surprise Jacket in it?

I too am fairly new to blogging. In Sept 2006, two of my knitting friends talked me into starting a blog and joining SP9 with them. I love getting comments too!

On the cookie contest - Good Luck!