Friday, April 27, 2007

A few notes on the EZ books

Elizabeth Zimmerman was a pretty funny gal.
I got Knitters Workshop which does have the Baby Surprise Jacket. The pattern looks so interesting. I can't wait to try it...the whole thing is knit flat and then folded. How she figured that out is beyond me. I am thinking I will knit the Rib Warmer first.It is also knit flat in all garter stitch (EZ is not a fan of the purl) looks pretty easy, sewing up will be the toughest part. What I love about her writing is stuff like this "continue in K2,P2 until you are sick of it..."

She is a big fan of knitting in the round and gives many patterns for seamless sweaters. In the sweater section we also learn about her percentage system. I will not go in to detail but it tells you how many stitches to use for sleeves, neck,etc based on you gauge and size needed. I am sure there are knitters who already know all about this but it is all new to me. Everything I need to design my own sweater pattern is in the book. I feel like if I just do what she says it will come out well.

I also got her first 2 books
Knitting without Tears and Knitters Almanac. At first glance almost every pattern seem doable. With each pattern she writes about the knitting of the pattern and tells wonderful stories about her adventures with her Gaffer (husband). They lived in an old schoolhouse in the north woods of WI. I love it up there and she did too.
I am sure there are a million book reviews for her out there so I will not go on and on, but I will say reading her books is like learning to knit with my Great Aunt when I was little... funny, warm and no pressure. GA never pushed me to hard but she never gave up either. I bet EZ was the same.

I would recommend EZ as reading for all knitters...Her writing celebrates our art and its heritage while encouraging the knitter to make it their own and enjoy the process and much as the finished item.
I know this will seem strange but this is the very reason I love doing Theatre... the process is often just as rewarding (if not more so) as the end result. I guess you could say Theatre is my team art and knitting is my solo art. I am sure this is why I have taken to dying my own draws out the process and adds another creative element to it.

OK that was a little deep and just a bit cornball...
I hope to post the pattern later today MB just dumped a whole bottle of water on the floor...

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