Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Everybody meet Lorena...

My SP10 Spoliee got her box and is posting about it right about now. She is the very cool Lorena of Snarkland. Go check out her blog. She is knitting some pretty cool socks right now. It has been so much fun getting to know her these last 3 months.
I was inspired to try to knit socks again and now I just can't stop.
Even her regular readers and friends have given me a shout out in the comments. Lorena you have been a joy to spoil. you will now see my comments with my name. Yeah!


Lorena said...

Muwahhahaha, welcome to the dark side of the knitting universe, the black hole known as sock knitting. Sock yarn doesn't count as stash! Lisa Souza sock yarn cures halitosis! Glad I could spread a little of the infection. :-)
You've been a fantastic spoiler, Sandy; thank you so much. As soon as the in-laws leave next week I'm going to get on dying that yarn you sent me. Oh, and I've figured out what to make with the yarn you dyed from the photo-- a cabled hat, wherein the cables are one color and the rest of the hat is the other color. Sort of a ... cable around the head, and then the rest of the hat knitted up from that. It looks great in my mind, I hope it looks half as good on the needles.
And I'm looking forward to this being the start of a beautiful friendship! Tee!

Joe & Beth said...

Sandy, I totally envy Lorena your spoilage...spoiling...spoilometry! You now have a totally new stalker. ;)

jacquieblackman said...

Lorena said to drop by. Hello! ::waves::

Nice spoilage...errr... is that right?? Anyways, Lorena's package is pretty boss, that lucky gal!

maylin said...

I've come to say hi, from Lorena's site. she was my spoiler for SP8 and she totally deserves all the wonderful spoiling you have been giving her -knitting kharma

Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing me to Lorena. Her blog is fun, she sounds like a great person. SP exchanges do have a way of starting beautiful friendships!