Saturday, June 30, 2007


I have in fact been knitting lately I just haven't posted any pics. So here they are: First up is Hubby's WCEP hat. I have finished 3 repeats of the pattern and am ready to do the crown
Next is Thuja sock from Knitty. This is the New York Yarn. I love the spiral effect I am getting. We will see what happens when I do the heel.
And last up is Tubey also from Knitty. I am almost done with the first sleeve. I plan to finish the sleeve and then finish up the hat when the MK's are asleep.


SP10 said...

I'm lovin the WCEP hat. Last week I saw the third of the pirates movie with 2 girlfriends. They talked me into to going. It was the first I had seen of the Pirates movies. Yes, I really am that out of the "in"! Now, I so want to see the first and second.

Lorena said...

I'm also loving the pirate hat!