Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Hubby the movie star!

Guess what? Hubby got offered a part in a movie that will be shooting here in town! He has 3 or 4 scenes and will get his SAG card for this. The director is Ted Lange (Issac from the Love Boat). Ted wants to show the file at Cannes next year. It is not a huge part but a lot of folks will see him. It could led to more parts in more films if it all works out. I am so happy for Hubby, he read for these folks 2 years ago and they called him last week out of the blue. He went and read for Ted himself on Wednesday. I don't know the title yet but I will keep you posted.
The MIL and MK's will be home later today. Yeah! I miss the little monsters.

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sp10 said...

How exciting is that! Congratulatons - I'll have to look for him on the big screen.