Friday, June 22, 2007

News from Grand County, CO

So we are all home from our trip to the mountains. We had a wonderful time. The MK's did not want to come home and neither did I. It is so peaceful up there. We went to YMCA of the Rockies for a breakfast ride at Snow Mountain Ranch. We had the trail all to ourselves as the Girl Scouts were late in getting to the stables. Our guide L J was very nice and made sure we all had a great time. The food was good and the mountain morning perfect. Turns out the GS's were from Moms council. Talk about small world I saw one of Moms friends when we were leaving. MG has been waiting for this ride all summer. She cried when we were done because she wanted to spend "5 or 6 more hours!" in the saddle. Mommy and Daddy could not take more time in the saddle so she fed her horse Feedbag his apple and we went on to other things. She did buy a stuffed horse she calls Feedbag and takes everywhere with her. MB had fun riding with his Daddy on the big draft horse. On Sunday we went to Evergreen to see Uncle Joe and Aunt Cathi. Ben and Violet were there. We ate well and had a great time. Joe loved playing with the kids and they love him.

We spent some time just playing around in the pool too. The MK's love the water.

The pool at the condo is heated and the hot tub is heaven after the riding.

On the last day we went to Coors Field to see the Rockies Beat the Yankees. MG wanted a Rockies Foam Finger and a Yankees flag. MB was very tired. He wouldn't sit still for the longest time and then just wanted to be carried. We meet up with Uncle Joe and Aunt Cathi. Everyone had a great time. The game was a Fathers Day gift for Hubby. I think he wanted to stay longer but MB was done in and we had to leave sometime around the 6th inning. Our seats were above the purple line that shows 1 mile above sea level. A bit of a climb but the view of the field was really very good. The place was packed.

The Fraser Valley was breathtaking as always. We just love it up there. The pace of life is just slower up in the mountains. The people all seem to be in a good mood and everyone takes their kids and dog everywhere. Most restaurants will let dogs dine on the patio. I wanted to go to the alpaca farm and see them make yarn. I think they were closed as no one answered the phone when I called and the article I read (i sent this same mag to my sp! found me yet?) said they were just getting ready to open. I sent the mag off before I looked up the web page but I will check it out on the next trip. We want to take the MK's up there in the winter time to see what snow is really like, of course we could get snowed in... gee wouldn't that be a shame. NOT! Anyone want to go up there next summer? The condo sleeps 8.
In knitting news? Well that will have to wait till next time...

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