Saturday, June 02, 2007

New York State of Mind

Well I have a 5am flight to NYC tommrrow, and I could not be more excited! I have scouted some yarn shops in the area I will be in and have saved up a few bucks to buy myself some yarn. I am hoping to find something I can't get here in the heartland. In related work news, I got a raise! Well everyone in the company got a raise. It is about time too, we are having our best year ever as far as sales goes so the bosses wanted to share the wealth a little. I went in to thank my boss (the VP) and he handed me some cash and told to to have a nice meal in NYC. Did I tell you I have the best boss ever? They are sending me on this trip as sort of a reward for all the bullshit I put up with. Boss even said that he knows the bullshit factor is high and is greatful that I am so loyal. It is nice to get a pat on the back sometimes but a trip to NYC is better! and cash to boot! I will have to knit him something.

In knitting news, I started hubbys We Call em Pirates hat again. I think I have the gauge right this time. I will check this more carefully when I have the first pattern repeat done but so fat it is looking good. I was a little worried it would end up too big for him. I am using a wool yarn so I think I will shrink it to fit if it is too big. No pictures yet maybe when I get back. I am determined to start a new sock today to take with me on the plane. I want something small. I think I am going to try the same pattern as before only smaller dpn's. the bamboo ones my SP10 gave me are a size 1, maybe the smaller ones will give me a better fit. I dyed up some super wash with 2 shots of black dye and I got the most interesting results. When I have some knit up I will show you.

In Monster kid news, MG has learned to ride a bike. Without the training wheels! Yeah MG! Being with the cousins is a great thing for her. My 3 nieces are all older than her so she is not the biggest kid there which is what she needs. MG is also learning to swim. MB seems to have taken a step back with the potty thing. I think it is because he is away from home and misses his Mommy! They will be home in a week or so.

Oh btw I showed my ribwarmer to my MIL and she liked it so well I gave it to her. She is so tiny it fit her better than it fit me. My SIL told me that she gushed about how great it was and what a beautiful job I did when she showed it off. I am glad she likes it. I had a rough time with her for a lot of years but it seems to be getting a little better with her in some areas but I am worried about her health and so is SIL but her boys will not talk to her about it.

I will have NYC picks and knitting in the wild to share! I will leave you with a picture of MG and her new BF Robin. MG is the one in the red.

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SP10 said...

What a fun read! And lots of good news too. Have a great time in NYC, can't wait to see your yarn purchases.