Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back to life

Well everyone is home now. The dogs went a little nuts when Hubby came in but all is well. The MK's are all tan and wishing it was warm here. MG was walking around last night in her pj's and new cowgirl boots. MIL got me a pair of boots too! She knows I love boots so she and Hubby picked out a nice light brown pair for me.

Hubby said MIL and Sfil were so happy that Hubby brought the kids to visit her. She won't be able to make the long drive by herself this summer and Sfil was afraid she would never see her grandkids. I think we will have to make this trip every spring for a while. I feel better knowing she is not driving cross country to see us.

As to my knitting... I cast on a sweater yesterday. I am using EZ Raglan pattern. I got 2 inches of body so far.

In BunkyBoBo's news... I ordered my new dyes and some base yarns so I should have new repeatable colorways by May. I can't wait to get started.

I am off to a wedding shower brunch with MG today for my Step Sister in law ( hubbys Dads step daughter) boy that's a mouthful. I made her some soap and a knit facecloth. I also got her an all natural lip balm and some other bath goodies. MG is very excited to go with me. We are going to find her some jeans after the brunch. Yeah for Mommy time! On Monday I will take MB out to lunch so he gets some too. Little guy has hardly let me go since he's been home.
Vacation and time away from the kids was nice and all but I am glad to have my little family backtogether. I think last night was the first night Winston has slept well...curled up with MG...its good to be home...

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