Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This and that

I tried to match the Sweeney Todd colorway yesterday. It did not happen, I think I have the wrong color brown and the red was not really blood red more like wine. I do like the new colorway though and think I will keep it. Pictures later today when it is dry. I listed the Stonehenge lace weight yesterday as one lot (1700+ yards). It is so pretty. I hope someone buys it and knits a beautiful shawl or something. I am not much of a lace knitter myself, But I know this color would make pretty lace. I will also be listing 2 skeins of merino sock yarn in this color!

It is so nice here today. MB and I were out all morning and are going to the park it a little bit. I think he is allergic to the same spring pollen type thing that gets me. He has a runny nose but everything else is fine. I hate the thought of putting him through all those test to determine just what it is he is allergic to. He does not seem to care much. He just wipes his nose and off he goes again. Ah to be a kid...

In knitting news the first Rainforest Jasper sock is working up fast. I got the heel done last night during Idol and should get most of the foot done tonight. I am making these for Les. (shh GAL don't tell. they are for Christmas). I will have a picture later today. The color reminds me of a Jasper pendant my Mom has. The red sweater is on hold for now. Now that it is warm out I have no desire to knit a heavy sweater. I am hoping to knit up most of my Christmas gifts this summer so I can knit whatever I live next fall. I don't really like to leave the gift knitting to the fall, I never get it done. I was smart this year and have started or finished gifts for folks who did not get hand knits last year.

Spinning?... Yeah well I have not spent much time with it for the last week or so. I really need help with my drafting. I am taking Zaphod to Knit Night this week to show some of the gals and I'm gonna get a few pointers while I'm at it.

And just a bit about Idol... Andrew Loydd Weber?!?! anyway that aside why did most of these people pick the worst songs ever! Jason I'm looking at you! and Brooke dear I like you but I think it may be you tonight Honey. Sorry. I liked Carly, You Rock Girl! And David Cook. It was cool to see him just sing something, and the idea of him playing that role is interesting. I would like to see someone do that role in a new way. For the record as of right now Hubby and I pick David A to win. He's young,sweet and can sing anything. He fits the mold too.

Have you been watching this new reality show called the Democratic Primary? Boy it just keeps getting better and better. The pundits are running out of ways to ask the same questions over and over. I find it highly entertaining. I keep thinking Obama is going to close it up but it just doesn't happen. I hope Bill can keep his smart mouth in check and help Hillary win. But truth be told I have no idea how this ones gonna end. Either way and people are going to be unhappy. On the other hand I don't see how John McCain can win the general because he is offering 4 more years of Bush and what sane person wants that?

Well I think I have babbled on enough for one day...To the park!

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