Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend update

Well I have had a cold all weekend. The up and down with the weather always does this to me. I would guess that 2 trips to the park yesterday didn't help me much. I did get the kids up and out to sign up for swimming lessons. They start the first week of June. Their last lesson will be the day we leave for Colorado. The pool at the condo is heated so I told them they could swim while I knit socks by the pool everyday we are out there. I know poor me stuck poolside in the mountains for a week with nothing to do but knit socks. I will try to endure it hehehe.

Today I hope to get out to Home Depot and pick out paint for the family room. I want to get it done. The way it looks now is really starting to bug me. We plan to pick the colors and pay for it with GWB's "try to make you feel better cuz I screwed up the country bad"$$ after that the rest will pay the last of the winter heating bills so I get to give it right back to him. Nice.

I did finish a sock yesterday. I have to graft the toe.

My birthday is next weekend. So to celebrate I am going to have a sale in the shop starting Tuesday See tomorrow's post for details.

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