Friday, April 11, 2008

Sweet Home Chicago

Well Toph and I made it home late Wednesday night ahead of the rain. We had a great time with Mom and Dad. I spent about 1/3 of my time wiping up pee but that is a tale for another day. Mom got some cute dog pictures I will share later.

It was a pretty mellow trip. I got to see my friend Amy, who I had not really talked to in a year. It was good to reconnect to her. We understand each other in a way long friendship builds.

I had Lunch with my friend Troll from my camp days. I had not seen her for about 17 years. It is funny how some things are unchanged by time. We had a great time talking about all sorts of things over lunch. We were so busy yakking I forgot to ask her what she was knitting. She and her Husband are expecting a baby late this summer. I am feeling the urge to knit something tiny.

I did not but any yarn or even look at much while I was there. I was just enjoying being with my folks and hanging out. I like when we can just be together. Good for the soul.

The MK's and Hubby are having a great time in TX. From what I can tell everything is going well. They are due home tomorrow night.

The dogs are very happy to be back together. Mom and Dad will be happy to know she has only pee'd in the house once, right when Winston came home.

Today I am going to return my rental car and clean the house. I filled my first bobbin last night so tonight I will start a new one. I hope to get the whole bobbin spun up before everyone gets home.

Regular blogging will resume tomorrow. I have an FO!

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