Friday, April 04, 2008

Odds and ends

I ordered yarn for the new line last night at Miss V's. I always have the best time out there. So funny. I ache from laughing by the time I get home.

The Hitchhiker and I are making friends now. I think I will call him Zaphod. Seem to fit. I have pretty much filled the first bobbin. When I bought the wheel I got a gift cert for some fiber. So I ordered 8oz of really pretty Merino top that came yesterday. It is so pretty I am almost afraid to try to spin it. I am trying to get good pictures of it.

I am super excited to get to Chicago land and see my family and friends. There will be yarn shopping I am sure. I have been knitting up sock yarn lately and need to add to the stash. I am also on the hunt for yarn for a sweater for MG and for myself. We shall see.

I am not sure if there will be remote blogging from Moms or not. If not post will be a little thin around here next week.

Happy Spring Break to all!

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Anonymous said...

Have a good trip and a nice time with your family!