Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wound up

As you can see I have over spun my single just a little. I have not gotten the tension quite right again. It has to be reset every time I move the wheel. I gave the whole thing a good oiling so maybe he will settle down now. I am having great fun with it when I can keep Toph from trying to attack it. The fiber I'm using came from Miss V's stash sale. I believe it to be bfl but I could be wrong. There are a good many dog hairs spun in to but I have been told this reinforces the yarn.

As for knitting... Well I started another pair of socks. The Dream in Color was just screaming to be knit. I am doing Embossed St from More SKS. Very pretty. I am also working on a cowl in sock yarn. Another KISS project, eye of partridge stitch in the round with a little rolled edge. Very pretty in the Fire colorway. (yarn is Jitterbug) The slipped stitches keep the color from pooling too much. I will be nice and warm for someone next winter. I saw a shawl in this pattern online some where that was knit flat but I am lazy so I'm doing mine in the round. Pretty no?

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