Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mostly Harmless

Here is one of the test skeins for the new line. The base yarn here is 100% merino 412 yards fingering weight. Colorway to be named later. The sun washes it our a little. The color goes from deep royal purple to a rich wine color. I am changing my sock yarn base to a wool/nylon blend. It has not come in yet so it may take some time. I hope it comes in soon. In the mean time I have a pound of merino left I plan to do up in the Sweeney Todd colorway. I am using new dyes so it is always hard to match, but I intend to try. I want one for myself. I also have a 1500 yard hank of the laceweight I did up in Stonehenge to put up. I just have not had the will to rehank it yet. I am thinking of selling it as one lot so someone could make a nice shawl or something.
So why is the title of this post Mostly Harmless? A little clue as to whats coming...

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Anonymous said...

Sweeny Todd!!! I'm excited how it will look!
The skein is gorgeous!