Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bad Boys Bad Boys

There has been drama at the park behind the house latley. 2 Drug busts. I have suspected for a while that the people 2 houses down were selling hard drugs. There are always (and I do mean all the time) cars parked in front of the house with people waiting in them. Someone comes out of the house, talkes to whoever is in the car and goes back inside. Then someelse comes out leans in the car and the car leaves. After watching The Wire. I know this is done to keep the $$ and the product apart. The gal who lives next door to us said Vice visited her and asked her to write down plate numbers and such so I know the cops know something is still going on. Last night someone was honking their horn at 4:00 am. I looked out my window and am pretty sure I saw a deal going down. I am not at all happy about this going on so close to my house and my kids. I have not seen the cops raid the house but I feel that must be coming. I have also seen the cops digging through trash cans at the park. Needless to say I do not let the kids go to the park by them selves. they have to walk right by the house in question to get there. I am also pretty sure they know we all know what is up but I have not said anything. I really don't want any trouble. There are lots of little kids around here so I hope the cops get this delt with sooner rather than later.

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