Thursday, October 02, 2008

It must be Fall!

I woke up this morning to find it was 64 degrees in my house. Not to big a deal as I keep the heat pretty low anyway. This morning I pulled out knit hats for the kids and wool socks for me. Yeah! I always feel better in the cooler weather.

In knitting news: After a quick call to Mom last night I was able to finish Dads first sock. Sock #2 will get cast on today. When these are done I will have only 4 more Holiday gift items to knit. WooHoo! and 3 of them are hats. the 4th is yet to be chosen but I still have lots of time. I also want to knit some socks for the MK's. I wonder if I should send Dads socks early. I am pretty sure he knows he is getting socks after Mom went and measured his foot for me. Besides Daddy needs warm feet too. If I keep up this pace with the socks I may have time to get another pair done for Mom too.

I have decided that all my Holiday gifts will be Hand Made this year. Should save us some money, and give the kids plenty of crafting time. I have some great ideas for kid crafts for Christmas. This should be fun.

One other bit of news: I have been working on a product for Happy Housewife. HH is my friend Miss Violet's company. She makes her own perfume oils and soap. Really great stuff. I never wore perfume much before MissV started this, but I really like her stuff. My favorites right now are Dirty Jack, and Apple Crush. OOO I smell so good. We have a few things to work out yet (labels and such) but we should have it up in another week or so. Trust me its going to be good!

One other quick thing: I have added International shipping prices to my shop. So overseas folks won't have to convo for a shipping quote. There is lots of great stuff in the shop now.

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